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The President of Rice University, pursuant to the university bylaws, has general control and supervision
over all matters pertaining to the university and its activities, subject to the advice and approval of the
Board of Trustees. Pursuant to that authority, the President approves all university policies as well as
delegates to university leadership (including the Provost, Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts and Deans) the
ability to develop policies and procedures for their areas of responsibility consistent with university

This list of University Policies contains the current official version of all University Policies.

Organization Policies

  University Policy Development and Management     101 
  Policies Related to Department Chairs 103-95    
  Emergency Management Plan 105 (.pdf)  
  Substantive Change 106 (.pdf)  

Faculty Policies

  Faculty Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure 201
  Epilogue to 201 Epilogue    
  Honorary Faculty Title 202-03    
  Faculty Family, Medical, and Professional Leaves 204-03    
  Summer Recess for Faculty Members 206-71    
  Sabbatical Leaves of Absence 208    
  Letters Concerning Faculty Appointments 213-71    
  Faculty Performance Reviews 214-03    
  Conflict of Interest and Commitment for Faculty (Including Faculty Fellows and Investigators) 216 (.pdf)   
 Procedure for Investigating Accusations Warranting Severe Sanctions, including dismissal, Against Faculty Members(click here) 

Research Policies

  Policy for the Submission and Administration of Sponsored Projects 301    
  Cost Transfers 302    
  Program Income 303    
  Effort Reporting 304    
  Tuition Remission for Graduate Students 305    
  Cost Sharing 306    
  Issuing and Monitoring Subawards and Subcontracts 307 (.pdf)   
  Research Data Management 308 (.pdf)   
  Salary Support Through Sponsored Projects

311 (.pdf) 

  Laboratory Safety Policy 313 (.pdf)   
  Care and Humane Treatment of Animals Used in Research, Testing, Education and Training 314   
  Drug-Free University 323-96    
  Research Misconduct 324 (.pdf)   
  Human Research Protection Policy 326  
  Research Faculty 327 (.pdf)  
  Research Equipment: Procurement, Management, Transfer, and Disposition  331-03    
  Patent and Software Policies
Copyright Policy

Human Resources Policies

  About These Policies 401-94    
  Access and Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities 402    
  Benefits Eligibility 403-96    
  Policy on Dual Employment and Multiple Jobs 404-96    
  Paid Time Off 405   
  Staff Promotion and Recruitment Policy and Procedures 406-94    
  Workers' Compensation 407-94    
  Bereavement Leave 408-93    
  Tuition Waiver and Auditing Courses
409 (.pdf)  
  Pay Practices/Hours of Work 410-96    
  Discipline 411-93    
  Employee Records 412-93    
  Employment 413    
  Employment Definitions 414-93    
  Holidays 415-96    
  Jury Duty Leave 416-93    
  Family/Medical Leaves 417-96    
  Military Leave 418-93    
  Nepotism 419-96    
  Personal Leaves 420-96    
  Probationary Period 421-93    
  Retiree Definition and Benefits 422-98    
  Short-Term Disability

423 (.pdf) 

  Termination of Employment 424-94    
  Security Sensitive Positions 425-00    
  Compliance with Law 427-96    
  Witness Leave 428-93    
  Tuition Remission for Dependents 430    
  Tuition Reimbursement 432 (.pdf)  
  Performance Appraisal 433-94    
  Compressed Work Week 434-96    
  Compensation 436-96    
  Research Positions 438-98    
  Temporary Employment 439-96    

Graduate Student Policies

  Graduate Student Governance 501-01    

Undergraduate Student Policies

  Written Student Complaints  701 (.pdf)  

General Policies

  Use of University Facilities and Scheduling Campus Events 802-82    
  Policy Regulating Sales on Campus 803-70    
  Procedure for Establishing New Courses 804-00    
  Environmental Health and Occupational Safety Program 805  

Travel, Business Meeting and Entertainment Policy

806 (.pdf)   
 Partisan Political Activities807 
  Protection of University Data and Information 808    
  Control of Equipment and Other Property 809 (.pdf)   
  Signature and Approval Authority for Contracts 810 (.pdf)   
  University Programs or Activities Involving Minors
811 (.pdf)  
  Records Management 812    
  Whistleblower Protection 813    
  Procurement Policy 814 (.pdf)   
  Equal Opportunity/Non-Discrimination/Affirmative Action Policy


  Employment/Transfer/Promotion Procedures for Faculty and Staff 816-00    
  Rules and Procedures for Ranked Professional Librarians of Rice University 817-99    
  Campus Demonstrations, Protests and Organized Expressions of Opinion 820  
  Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Statement for Use on Publications and Advertisements 821    
  Charges for Departmental Services 824-77    
  Gifts Made from University Funds 826 (.pdf)   
  Remodeling or Changes in Basic Structure of Campus Buildings 827-78    
  Rice University Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures 830-01 (.pdf)    
  Stewardship and Personal Use of University Property 831 (.pdf)  
  Appropriate Use of Information Technology 832   
  Dogs on Campus 834-95    
  Weapons Policy 835 (.pdf)  
  Service Center Policy 836 (.pdf)  
  Student Record Retention, Access, and Disposition Policy 837-97    
  Conflict of Interest 838    
  Tobacco-free Campus 839     
  Payment Policy      840 (.pdf)  
 Identity Theft Prevention Program841 
 Immigration and Visas 842 
 Electronic Access Control and Key Policy843 
 Clery Act Compliance844 
 Security Camera Acceptable Use Policy845 
 Distance and Online Education 846 
 The Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (inc Model Aircraft, Quadcopters and "Drones")847 
  Rice University Alcohol Policy848