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How Do I Pay Someone


All purchases must follow the Purchasing Policy No. 814 and the Purchasing and Payment Procedures. These procedures can be found in the Purchasing and Payment Manual (PDF) and the Purchasing Card User Guide (PDF) (when the University Purchasing Card is used). Please see the Payment Solutions section of this website for more information.

Payments to customers will be processed in a timely manner while providing a high level of customer service. Payment Solutions supports departments by providing information and ongoing training and will strive to practice efficient processes to support the University's strategic plan.

Per IRS requirements, certain vendor information must be provided (on Form W9) before a payment can be processed. Please complete a W9 form and include it with the payment request for processing. For more information on setting up a new vendor, see the Disbursements section of this website.



Payments of purchases less than $5,000 should be paid for with the Purchasing Card whenever possible. 

Purchases totaling $5,000 or greater require a purchase order with the exception of maintenance agreements and professional services which should have a PO to provide funding information and to encumber the funds. The original written contracts must be retained within the individual department. 

Upon receipt of a vendor invoice, the authorized individual should:

  1. Review the invoice for accuracy.
  2. Check to see that the invoice was not previously approved or paid.
  3. Fill in the complete FOAPAL with the required fund/org/acct information. Program codes usually default within the system. Activity codes may be used if desired.  When cost sharing, program and location codes are required and may need updating in the system. For questions regarding cost sharing, please contact Research Accounting.
  4. Attach all supporting documentation and/or required forms (i.e. Purchase Order, Receiving Report, Business Meeting and Entertainment Form, etc.).
  5. Sign the invoice indicating approval for payment.
  6. Forward the invoice to Payment Solutions for processing.

Please note that original invoices are required in order to prevent duplicate payments. However, if a photocopy or fax copy of an invoice must be substituted for the original, please mark on the copy/fax “Substitute for Original” or note the reason why a non-original document is being submitted (e.g. misplaced original, copy sent by vendor etc) and initial or sign next to the statement.


The IRS' accountable plan rules apply to reimburse employees in the course of University business. Under an accountable plan, business expenses must be documented in a timely manner. Undocumented or untimely submission of business expenses may require Rice to report these expenses as taxable income.

All expense reimbursements must include original receipts and be approved by an authorized individual. A detail itemization of charges is required. The University is exempt from Texas sales tax. Please refer to the Forms section of this website for the University's Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification. 

Expenses over one year old must be approved by the Dean/VP. Reimbursement should not be made to employees for payments made to individuals as the University must pay its customers directly.

Employees should complete a Check Request Form or a Petty Cash Voucher Form with original receipts for reimbursement. Petty cash reimbursement is available from the Cashier’s Office (some departments have petty cash within their area as well). Approved Check Request Forms should be forwarded to Payment Solutions for processing.

  1. For amounts equal to or less than $100:
    • Bring the completed Check Request Form to the Cashier's Office to receive an immediate cash

    • An ID is required for all reimbursements.

  2. For amounts over $100:
    • Forward the completed and approved Check Request Form to Payment Solutions in the Controller’s

    • The check request must have supporting documentation attached.

With the increase of online purchasing, there may be instances where an original receipt is not available. When this situation occurs, acceptable forms of documentation are an itemization of the charges and proof of payment. Itemization of charges includes an online printout. Proof of payment includes credit card statements, the front and back copy of a check, a non-itemized cash receipt or online order confirmation including verification of the payment.