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Payroll - Guidelines & Procedures

General Payroll Information



Web Time Entry (WTE)

All nonexempt employees report their time electronically through Web Time Entry in ESTHER > Employee > Web Time Sheet (for Nonexempt Employees). 

  • Report all hours worked on the actual date worked.
  • Hours should be rounded to the nearest quarter hour.
  • Employees must submit timesheets by 11 a.m on the Monday following the 2-week pay period.
  • Approvers must approve timesheets by 5 p.m. on the Monday following the 2-week pay period.

Reporting Time (for Nonexempt Employees)

Approving Timesheets (for Department Approvers)

Changes to Previously Reported Time 

Nonexempt employees who have changes to an already submitted WTE timesheet should follow these steps:

  • Print the appropriate WTE timesheet.
  • Make the necessary adjustments.
  • Date/initial the WTE timesheet with changes (both the employee and approver).
  • Department submits the revised timesheet to payroll@rice.edu, preferably with a TIMESHEET REVISION subject. 
  • All revised WTE timesheets will be paid on the next pay cycle after Payroll receives the timesheet(s).

Missed Time Reporting

Nonexempt employees who did not report time for a pay period(s) should follow these steps:

  • Complete a paper timesheet(s) and report hours for each applicable 2-week pay period.
  • Timesheet(s) will require supervisor and/or department administrator approval.
  • Department submits the paper timesheet(s) to payroll@rice.edu, preferably with a TIMESHEET subject.
  • All paper timesheets will be paid on the next pay cycle after Payroll receives the timesheet(s).

Nonexempt staff timesheet

Student timesheet

WTE Approver, FYI, and Proxy Access

Individuals need Approver, FYI, or Proxy access given to them by Payroll (approver/FYI) or the primary approver (proxy).  HR Banner security is required in order for the WTE access to work properly.

WTE access requirements

Pay Options

Rice University provides electronic options for payroll.  Faculty, staff, and students receive their pay by one of the following options:

Direct Deposit

Employees can deposit their pay into a U.S. bank account(s) of their choice.  Direct deposit enrollment is completed by the employee in ESTHER through Employee > Pay Information > Direct Deposit Allocation.  More information is available at the Direct Deposit main menu in ESTHER.  

Payroll (Pre-Paid Debit) Card

Employees can elect to have their pay deposited onto a payroll card.  For more information about Rice's payroll card program, please contact Payroll at payroll@rice.edu or (713) 348-3410.  Payroll staff enroll employees in the payroll card program.

NOTE:  Employees who do not submit bank information through ESTHER before the first pay will be enrolled into Rice's payroll card program.  

Student Employees

Form I-9 (completed by employee)

All newly hired undergrad and graduate students who will be paid by Rice University for employment must complete the Eligibility Verification Form (or Form I-9) with the Payroll Office prior to the start of work or training.

NOTE: Students who have satisfied the I-9 requirement for previous student employment at Rice should not have to complete a new I-9 for each job unless either (1) work authorization for a foreign national student expires or (2) student returns to Rice from inactive student status or former staff employment.

EPAF Hiring Form (completed by department)

**for all undergraduate students and graduate students with secondary nonexempt positions outside of the graduate program stipend**

Departments submit the hiring form though ESTHER.  Students will be able to access their electronic timesheets immediately after the hiring form completes the EPAF routing queue (unless the job effective date is in the future).

NOTE: Students should only start employment after the hiring department submits the Student Job Assignment EPAF to the routing queue.  This will ensure I-9 compliance and reduce the risk for fines.

EPAF Originator and Approver Access

Individuals need Originator and/or Department Approver access given to them by Payroll.  The department directs all EPAF access requests to payroll@rice.edu.  Payroll verifies that individuals have the required Banner HR security to ensure EPAF access will work properly and then requests AESS to add the EPAF access.  

EPAF access requirements

EPAF and Hiring Process Training

There is training available for individuals with EPAF access.  Email payroll@rice.edu to register for training.   

Student Researchers (Rice students and Non-Rice students)

Please refer to the following for an overview of the guidelines for processing these payments:

Student Research Employees (SRE) – Employees are required to satisfy the Form I-9 requirement prior to the start of employment.  SREs will report their hours worked through Web Time Entry in Esther and receive pay on the B2 (bi-weekly) payroll.  Payments will be reportable on Form W-2 or Form 1042-S.

Student Research Trainees (SRT) – Trainees will need to complete Form W-9 or Form W-8BEN and upload the form through the Vendor Portal.  They will receive their payments from Payables through a check request(s).  Payments will be reportable on Form 1099 or Form 1042-S, which may result in tax liability when SRTs file their tax returns. 











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