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Email and Credit Card Payments

Glossary of
Credit Card
Email is an extremely common method of communication. It is not a secure method of communication and should never be used to send or receive credit card payment information. Please follow these important rules:
  • Never request credit card information be sent in, or attached to, an email.
    • Do not provide paper forms or forms that may be downloaded from the internet and request that they be completed, scanned and emailed to process payment. 
    • Review procedures regularly to ensure they do not request credit card information be transmitted using email. 
    • Do not request payors send an email containing credit card information to process their payment. 
  • Any email that is received containing credit card data must be immediately and completely deleted.
    • If credit card data is received in an email, contact the IT Help Desk (X4357 or helpdesk@help.rice.edu or help.rice.edu) immediately to have the message removed from your computer and the Rice email system. 
    • Also, notify the sender of the email that Rice does not accept credit card information via email and that it should not be attempted again. 
    • Do not notify the sender using the Reply function in the email reader as this may inappropriately transmit credit card information. 

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Need a copy of the Guide to Card Acceptance and Best Practices from Global Payments?
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