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Glossary of
Credit Card
A list of basic tips to follow to insure that your account is properly managed and that you receive all the revenue you are entitled to receive:
  • Help prevent credit card scams:
    • Require CVV and Address Verification for all online and card not present purchases 
    • Review credit card activity daily  
  • Settle your batch each day you have activity
    • the TouchNet Payment Gateway [TPG] settles batches automatically 
    • other online vendors may offer automatic settlement 
    • Global Payments can set up your swipe machine to settle automatically (Unless you have a wireless machine. They should continue to be settle manually each day you have activity.) 
  • Complete and submit a Credit Card Deposit Voucher for each settled batch
    • TPG prepares and sends the Credit Card Deposit Voucher to Banner for payments it processes 
    • The Cashier's Office provides training on the use of the Banner Web Apps Credit Card Deposit Voucher. Please contact Lydia Gonzales at mlml@rice.edu or x2365. 
  • Reconcile your Banner accounts monthly to insure that all Credit Card Deposit Vouchers are correctly posted
    • TPG users should use TN Management or reports from TouchNet Marketplace for reconciliation 
  • Reconcile your monthly Global Payments Statement to insure that all transactions were processed as expected
    • Departments using Web Services merchant account will not receive a statement from Global Payments. Web Services will reconcile the statement they receive. 
  • Quickly research and reply to all Global Payments Chargeback requests to insure that you receive the appropriate payment for orders you have fulfilled
  • Make sure you have a clear, understandable and easily found refund policy with instructions about how to contact you (Sample policies are available here)
  • Quickly research and reply to all customer requests for refunds to insure customer goodwill and prevent fulfillment of orders for which refunds have been requested (Remember, all refunds must be made to the credit card used for the original payment.)

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Looking for information about PCards? Visit this site for the manual and this site to learn about training.


Need a copy of the Guide to Card Acceptance and Best Practices from Global Payments?
The slides from the Rice PCI training class are here.
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