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Credit Cards @ Rice

Are there university related activities for which you are interested in accepting credit card payments? Are you interested in accepting credit card payments for donations, events, goods or services? There are several important considerations involved in making the correct decision.

If you intend to accept donations, you should begin by contacting Karen Rubinsky, Executive Director of Development Services, at x4602 or rubinsky@rice.edu.

If you want to accept payments for events, Web Services may already have what you need. Contact them at x5184 or webservices@rice.edu.

For others, please review the information below.

Application Process

Glossary of
Credit Card
  • Establish a business plan 
  • Types of payments 
  • Costs of accepting credit cards 
  • Complete an application 
    Want to know more about the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS)? Visit this site.

    Security is Important

  • Contact the Rice IT Security Office at x5735 immediately if you suspect theft or inappropriate handling of data
  • Protection of Personally Identifiable Information Policy (808) 
  • Procedures for Accepting and Handling Credit and Debit Card Payments 
  • Departmental Procedures Template 
  • Annual Compliance Requirements 
    Looking for information about PCards? Visit this site for the manual and this site to learn about training.

  • Our online Training 
  • Our Training Handout  
     Processing Tips 

    Several vendors now offer the ability to accept debit and credit card payments using mobile devices like an iPhone, Android or other smart phone. This is a very different method of taking payments than the thoroughly tested and approved wireless devices available through our payment processor, Global Payments. If you believe you have a business need and are willing to pay the additional costs for one of these devices, please contact Cindy Melton at x3914. However, Rice agrees with the PCI Security Council and Global Payments that the technology and processes used by vendors offering to turn your smart phone into a pay station are not yet proven sufficiently secure for processing our payments. Please don't use them. 


    Need a copy of the Guide to Card Acceptance and Best Practices from Global Payments?
    The slides from the Rice PCI training class are here.