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Faculty Summer Salary Guide 2018

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Cashier Office Forms

Invoice Template


Payment Instructions Template



Current Funds Forms

IRS Rice Exemption Letter


Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT)


Expense and Revenue Correction


Expense and Revenue Correction Instructions


Online EX and IDT 

Online EX and IDT Class


Online EX Form


EX Cost Transfer Checklist


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Payables/Disbursements Forms

Blank IRS W-8BEN Form (Foreign Individuals)    
Blank IRS W-8BEN Form (Foreign Companies)         

Blank IRS W-9 Form (US. Vendors)


IRS W-9 Form completed for Rice University


Relocation Reimbursement




Authorization for Automatic Deposits - Reimbursements


Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification


Processes performed by WageWorks 

Dependent Care Spending Account Reimbursement 

Medical Spending Account Reimbursement 

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Payables/Payment Solutions Forms

PCard Application Form


PCard Change Form


PCard "D" Clearing Funds


Signature Authority Form


Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate


Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification


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Payroll Forms

Faculty Academic Year Time Form


Faculty Summer Salary Form


Faculty Summer Salary Form Guidelines

Time Sheet - Nonexempt Staff (B2 payroll)


Time Sheet - Student (B2 payroll)


Auto Usage: 

Procedures for Reporting Personal Use of University Automobiles


Odometer Survey


Usage Details


Usage Survey


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Property Accounting Forms


Useful Links

Authorization to Remove Equipment From Rice University


Bill of Sale and Release of Liability form


Equipment Invoice     


Notice of Fabrication and Request for Fabrication Fund(s)


Property Control Registration


Property Control Registration Definitions


Property Control Registration - Hazardous


Property Control Registration - Hazardous Definitions


Transfer of Equipment for Incoming PI


Transfer of Title for Exiting Professors

Useful Lives

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Research and Cost Accounting Forms


Table caption

Research Funds: 

Award Closeout Checklist (used by RCA)


EX Form Checklist (for use by departments)


Rebudgeting Request: Research Funds


Salary Conversion Template:  Months and Amounts


Sample Cost Transfer Justification


Cost Sharing: 

3rd Party Cost Sharing Certification


RCA Cost Sharing Procedures



Equipment PO Checklist (used by RCA)


General Purpose Equipment Certification Form


Notice of Fabrication and Request Form (see Property Accounting)


Procurement Brief Form


Program Income: 

Notification of Anticipated Program Income



Summer Salary Worksheet (used by RCA)