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Rice University Human Resources Policy No. 424-94



Applies to: Faculty and Staff

Consistent with an employment at will relationship, the University or the employee may terminate employment with or without cause at any time unless the relationship is governed by written contract. Voluntary termination occurs when an employee leaves the University of his or her free choice. Involuntary termination occurs when the University initiates the separation. Employees who leave either voluntarily or involuntarily should participate in an exit interview.


What is the termination date?

For faculty, the termination date is the date on which an appointment expires. For staff, the termination date is the last date an individual was actively at work or the date on which a leave of absence expired.


What is the purpose of an exit interview?

All staff members are encouraged to participate in the exit interview process. Information and suggestions obtained in these interviews can be used to improve the work environment for other employees. The exit interview also provides an opportunity for staff members to ask questions related to benefits and other issues.


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Policy No. 424-94
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Policy No. 424-94
October 1, 1994