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Rice University Undergraduate Student Policy No. 602-96

Student Employment on Rice Funds



  • All student employers must complete a job listing card to advertise for each position available in their department. These cards are available in the Financial Aid Office (FAO). The job listing cards must be submitted to the FAO for posting. The FAO will post all job listing cards on bulletin boards located outside the FAO.
  • A student Personnel Action form (PA) must be completed for each student a department hires. Departments must submit PA's to the FAO. The FAO will approve the PA for either Rice Work or Federal Work-Study. The FAO will set up students in Banner and forward all documentation to the Payroll Office for processing.
  • Students employed by Rice University will be paid on a bi-weekly basis. The student time sheets must be sent to the payroll office as indicated on the payroll time sheet schedule. Each time sheet must have the signature of the department supervisor before a time sheet will be processed.
  • All on-campus student employment will be for the period of an academic year or less. Summer on-campus employment will be considered a separate period.

Policy No. 602-96
October 1, 1996