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President Leebron visited early with representatives of the Graduate Student Association and held an open meeting for all graduate students in October. In addition to participating in a forum sponsored by the Student Association‚ he visited each of the residential colleges for conversations with undergraduates. 

A Rice Thresher editorial noted: “We loved being called to conversation this summer. We didn’t have to beg for anyone to listen. We didn’t have to install hidden cameras in the Allen Center to see what was happening. Instead‚ President David Leebron asked the entire Rice community to participate in the decision-making process that will shape the university’s future. We applaud the president’s office for its transparency and its eagerness to consult.”

Furthermore‚ the “conversations between the Graduate Student Association‚ graduate students‚ and President Leebron have proved very informative for both the graduate students and the administration. We have been well informed of the plan for Rice University for the next 10 years and have discussed our role as graduate students in achieving this plan‚” according to the endorsement submitted by the Graduate Student Association. 

Student Association Endorsement 

Graduate Student Association Endorsement 

Students Meetings 

  • Graduate Student Association (GSA) Open Forum
  • Conversation with GSA Representatives
  • Meeting with GSA President
  • Student Association Open Forum
  • Meeting with Student Association President
  • Residential College Visits
    • Wiess College
    • Baker College
    • Martel College
    • Brown College
    • Jones College
    • Will Rice College
    • Sid Richardson College
    • Lovett College
    • Hanszen College