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Committee on Fellowships and Awards

The Committee on Fellowships and Awards has as its charge:

(a) To consider applications and select nominees for various awards, scholarships and fellowships for which Rice University has been invited to submit nominations. This applies, in general, to awards, scholarships, and fellowships which involve more than a single department. The committee works in close cooperation with the Office of Fellowships and Undergraduate Research and the Dean of Undergraduates. 
(b) To consider applications, and screen or rank applicants for exchange programs, such as the CD Broad Trinity Exchange.
(c) To determine recipients of endowed or other internal fellowships which are awarded to students continuing at Rice as undergraduates in the year of the award, or recent alumni, according to qualifications established for each fellowship. All students are considered primarily on the basis of their academic performance. In making these awards, the committee is assisted by the Office of Fellowships and Undergraduate Research. 
(d) To prepare a brief, written report on the activities of the committee at the end of each academic year and to submit copies of this report to the president of the university, the provost, and the Faculty Senate.
Updated 2016