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Since my arrival in 2004, I have gotten to know Rice University pretty well.  As the beginning of my tenth year at the university approaches this summer, I have planned a “walkabout” to deepen my understanding of all the wonderful accomplishments taking place throughout the campus. 

As announced at the Fall Town Hall, we set aside time throughout the spring semester for me to visit 100 different campus workplaces and activities, from spending time at the RUPD dispatch station to walking through Anderson Hall at midnight to see what our architecture students actually do during those late night hours.  I have invited the Rice community members to suggest activities or invite me to their events.  My hope and goal is to include things that involve all parts of the Rice community — faculty, staff and students — and everything from maintaining our grounds to engaging in cutting edge research.  You can see below the visits that I have made so far:  

  1. Masters of Architecture Thesis Jury
  2. Summer Opportunities Fair at Rice
  3. Professor Janet Braam's Lab
  4. Professor Jim Tour's Lab: Grad students Zheng Yan and Abdul-Rahman Raji making graphene
  5. Marie Wehrung Class "Influencer: The Power to Change Anything"
  6. Reid Whitaker with Digital Learning Center - Stemscopes, Connexions & Openstax
  7. Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS)
  8. Professor Richard Bado and Opera Program Rehearsal
  9. Enjoy a beer at Valhalla
  10. Students of Professor Jon Kimura Parker Class Recital
  11. Walk through Fondren Library at night to see students' use of facilities
  12. Lovett College Central Committee Meeting
  13. Visit Registrar's Office
  14. Visit Professor Karin Broker's "Print Palace" to see how students make lithographs
  15. Visit Payroll Office
  16. Senators Cornyn and Cruz visit to the Baker Institute
  17. Tour of Wiess School undergraduate labs
  18. Spend time in Brown College Coordinator's office
  19. Professor Matteo Pasquali's lab
  20. Women's Basketball Game - Rice vs Tulane
  21. Visit to the Hoot (late night food)
  22. Late night visit to Anderson Hall - Architecture Students preparing for studio class
  23. Women's Tennis Tourney vs Lamar
  24. Scientia mini-lectures: Celebrate the Power of Ideas
  25. ROTC Navy Unit General Military Training period
  26. Digital Media Commons: DVD "Cook-out" how to make a music video
  27. Welcome Center student-led Campus Tour
  28. Professor Kenneth Goldsmith's private violin lesson
  29. Ride the Rice Shuttle bus to Allen Center
  30. Tour of the Center for Written, Oral and Visual Communication
  31. Mathematics Department Tea
  32. Rice Ballroom Dance class
  33. BurtTALKS: Tea Worth Drinking "Conversation on The Ideal University"
  34. Lunch with Adara Robbins' O-week Group at McMurtry College
  35. Celebrate ART Festival
  36. Rice Invitational Quidditch Tournament
  37. Visit Network Core and Phone System
  38. Transmission Electron Microscope
  39. Department of Sociology Houston Education Research Consortium (HERC) Workshop meeting
  40. Martel College Birthday celebration
  41. Resume Review Session at the Center for Career Development
  42. Professor Dan Mittelman's Introduction to Waves and Photonics class (Lecture on Rainbows)
  43. Tour of the tunnels, the cooling tower and central plant
  44. Happy Hour at Willy's Pub
  45. Baker Bible Study
  46. Natural Science Graduate Student recruiting event at the Houston Museum of Natural Science
  47. Rice University Police Department (RUPD) Visit
  48. Rice EMS Ride-along during a public party
  49. Attend a Men's and Women's Track team practice
  50. Visit Parking Dispatch at Central Garage
  51. Cleanology Competition
  52. Professor Randy Hulet's Lab
  53. Hanszen Weekly Staff meeting
  54. Professors Sheryl McCurdy and Kerry Ward's Rice seminar on Modern Slavery and Global Human Trafficking
  55. Rice Chorale rehearsal in the Bates Organ recital hall
  56. JGBS Fourth Annual International Energy Simulation
  57. DJ at Free Sid Rich Tailgate
  58. Rice Players The Mystery Plays by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
  59. Visit Professor Jeffrey Fleischer's Freedman's Town archeological dig
  60. Chinese Student Association Lunar New Year Celebration
  61. Engineers without Borders Weekly Board meeting
  62. General Chemistry class
  63. Lunch with College and SA presidents
  64. Learn to make a latte at the Rice Coffee House
  65. Orchestral rehearsal with Maestro Larry Rachleff
  66. Visit the Cashier's Office
  67. Visit to the Rice Post Office
  68. Visit ROPE at the Outdoor Adventure Center at the Gibbs Recreation Center
  69. Rice Philharmonics Rehearsal
  70. MBA Professional Program Family Dinner
  71. Visit BakerShake Rehearsal
  72. Visit the undergraduate Chem Labs with Professor Ken Whitmire
  73. Stop by Thresher office
  74. Human Resources orientation class for new employees
  75. Declaration and Major Ceremony
  76. Meet and greet with Professor Diana Strassmann and the Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities minors
  77. Visit and tour of IT facilities at the Mudd Building
  78. Visit to evening food trucks with graduate students
  79. Guest DJ appearance on KTRU