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Rice University General Policy No. 827-78



Academic and administrative departments of the University are not authorized to make remodeling changes in any building they occupy without the control of such work under the guidance of Planning and Construction Section of the Physical Plant Department. The basic utilities of the building such as air conditioning, domestic water, electrical power distribution, steam or elevator service must not be altered in any way without prior written approval from the Physical Plant Administrator. Changes in the building structural system, partitioning, access and corridors, fixed storage or permanently installed furnishings and finishes shall not be made unless authorization has been received.

The University recognizes that minor modifications are frequently necessary in research areas. These same areas are designed where modifications are easily implemented. However, caution must be exercised in all cases where potential disturbance of the basic utilities may occur as small changes might intrude on the environment of others in the building. A coordinated effort in advance usually avoids such disturbances to those who share the same facility.

Departments desiring remodeling or other changes to buildings should discuss those with the Planning and Construction Section. The requesting department should indicate the source of support or payment of the remodeling and their maximum dollars available. With construction costs at their presently high level, it is frequently readily recognizable by the estimator that the funds available simply will not be adequate for the proposed changes, and the project has no hope for completion from currently available funds. Prompt recognition of this fact will eliminate many wasted hours of estimating and consultation time. In general, the cost of planning and estimating is covered as part of a remodeling project. When extensive plans are requested and then the project is abandoned, the department requesting the plans will be charged for the planning costs.

Departments without resources for remodeling may request a capital improvement appropriation as part of the annual budget process. These are graded by priority and funded by the Board of Governors to the extent possible.

Policy No. 927-78
November 9, 1978