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Rice University Human Resources Policy No. 425-00





As provided in Section 51.215 of the Texas Education Code, Rice University designates certain positions or areas of the University as security sensitive. Any applicant for a security sensitive position must sign a release to permit a criminal history investigation, and any offer of employment for a security sensitive position shall be conditional upon satisfactory response to the criminal history investigation. A security sensitive position shall be so identified in the job description and advertisement for the position. Rice University examines positions as they are posted or as the job content changes to determine if they should be considered security sensitive.

Any employee who holds a security sensitive position shall, within five days, notify Human Resources if he or she is convicted of any crime other than a minor traffic violation.

Procedures for hiring for security sensitive positions are established by the Director of Human Resources and may be obtained from the Human Resources Department.

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Policy No. 425-00
Issued: November 1, 1996
Revised: August 30, 2000 


1. Positions or areas will be designated as security sensitive by the hiring department in consultation with Human Resources, the appropriate dean or vice president, and the Office of the General Counsel.

2. Human Resources maintains the official list of Rice University Security Sensitive Positions. Human Resources may review all new positions and those with job content changes to determine if they should be designated security sensitive.

3. Requests for criminal history information may be made regarding applicants for positions and/or areas listed as security sensitive or regarding current employees seeking a transfer to positions or areas designated as security sensitive.

4. The hiring department adds Security Sensitive wording to position descriptions so identified as they are posted for recruitment. Job descriptions for security sensitive positions and/or areas shall include the following statement:

"Specific job requirements or physical location of this position render the position security sensitive, and hereby subject it to the provisions of Section 51.215 of the Texas Education Code."

5. All postings and advertising for security sensitive positions must identify the positions as security sensitive within the meaning of Section 51.215 of the Texas Education Code.

6. All applicants for security sensitive positions sign a release at the time of application for employment. Internal applicants for transfer or promotion to a security sensitive position are also subject to criminal history investigation and sign a release when applying for transfer or promotion.

7. When the hiring selection is made, and the selected applicant has received and accepted a conditional offer of employment, the Employment Office asks the Police Department to request that a background investigation be conducted. If staffing permits, the prospective employee should not actually begin working in the position until the investigation has been completed.

8. After the results of the background investigation are evaluated and a determination is made by the Police Department in consultation with appropriate senior management, the Employment Office notifies the interviewing supervisor of the results of the background investigation:

Satisfactory: Conditional nature of offer of employment is lifted; selected applicant works in regular capacity.

Unsatisfactory: The department will withdraw the conditional offer of employment, and the selected applicant will not be allowed to work in that security sensitive position.

9. Once the hiring decision is made, all criminal history information concerning the applicant shall be sealed and shall remain in the custody of the Chief of Police. The Chief of Police shall make provisions for its storage in a confidential manner.

November 1, 1996