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About OIR

The Office of Institutional Research is devoted to the study of Rice - its students, its faculty, its programs and its place in the world.

The OIR is the university's official source of information about itself, its peers and the educational environment. Our chief duties:

  • Conduct surveys and research, in consultation with other Rice organizations, to collect data about Rice's students, faculty, staff and alumni.
  • Analyze that information to help inform decisions, evaluate and update policies and procedures, and plan for the future.
  • Report data to federal and state agencies, educational consortiums, and the public.
  • Respond to requests for information and assistance - both inside and outside the university.

Our site offers immediate access to much of the information we collect; in fact, it features data about Rice dating back to 1994, when the OIR was established.

About Rice offers a glimpse into the student life and campus community at Rice University. Click on Rice Facts for the most recent information about students, faculty and alumni. Delve deeper in Historical Facts, which offers tables of older demographics and statistics. And in the Archives section, page through a collection of detailed Rice data and documents from the past 16 years.

Beyond compiling these demographic facts, the OIR conducts more than 20 major data collections and surveys each year. Much of this additional information can be obtained through our office.

If you can't find what you need on this site, let us help you. You may contact us by phone or email. Tell us precisely the information you need, how we can reach you and whether you have a deadline.

Contact Us

Physical Address:
Office of Institutional Research
Division of Finance
6100 Main St., Allen Center, Suite 215
Houston, TX 77005

Mailing Address:
Rice University
Office of Institutional Research-MS 73
P.O. Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892
Fax: 713-348-6252
Email: instresr@rice.edu  

Ratna G. Sarkar, Director (rgs1@rice.edu) 713-348-4293  

Paula N. Cox, Ed.D., Senior Research Officer (pncox@rice.edu) 713-348-6253 

Danielle M. Texera, M.Ed., Research Analyst (dtexera@rice.edu) 713-348-6262  

Hema Sarathy, M.M.R., Research Analyst (hema.sarathy@rice.edu) 713-348-6254  



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