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Payroll - Guidelines & Procedures




I-9 Workshops for Fall 2016 (August 29 - October 26)

  • Mondays and Wednesdays (except for Labor Day and Columbus Day) from 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. in Sewall Hall, Room 305

  • Tuesdays from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. in the Cashier's Office (Allen Center, Room 110)





Guidelines for setting up direct deposit


-You will need official bank documentation (i.e. void check, direct deposit form, account info card, letterhead, or screen print clearly displaying routing and account information.)   


Student Researchers Guideline and Matrix

Guidelines - Student Researchers


Matrix - Student Researchers



Web Time Entry




Web time entry automates the timesheet preparation and approval processes.   Pay periods and pay dates will not change. Students will continue to be paid every two weeks. Payroll calendars can be found online at Payroll Calendars. 

Timesheet deadlines 

Student timesheets must be submitted for approval via Esther no later than 11 am on the Monday after the last day of the pay period.  Once you know you will not be working more hours in any job during the pay period, you may submit your timesheet.  You do not need to wait until Monday. Approvers must complete the approval process no later than 5 pm on the Monday after the last day of the pay period. 

Accessing timesheets 

Log on to Esther using your student ID and password (https://esther.rice.edu) to access your timesheet.  You will find it in the Employee section.  Your timesheet will be available once both you and your approver have been trained on web time entry. Please enter your time daily whenever possible.  If you miss a day, catch up as soon as you can. As with any Esther application, you may access it remotely at almost any time.  

When you begin to enter your timesheet, first select the appropriate job and pay period from the drop down menus. If you have more than one job, select the one for which you wish to enter time using the My Choice column. The Pay Period and Status section will show the current pay period as well as up to five past pay periods, which remain available in case you want to review them.  The current pay period will always be displayed first.  If you are entering your time on Sunday or Monday after the pay period ends, look at the dates and be sure to select the pay period that corresponds to the days you worked. After making your selection, click on the Time Sheet button. This will bring up your timesheet. 



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