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Rice University Faculty Policy No. 214-03



This policy is issued with the review and approval of the Faculty Council and the Deans' Council and supersedes 214-82 and 214-96.

As part of the continuing evaluation of the professional growth of each teaching member of the faculty, department chairs will hold a performance review with all departmental faculty according to the schedule detailed in this memorandum. Each chair will maintain in the departmental office summaries of these reviews including copies of any written evaluations given to faculty as part of the review process. Evaluations of faculty in different ranks should be completed according to the schedule for faculty promotions, evaluations, and appointment renewal issued each Fall by the President's Office. Copies of written summaries will be sent to Deans at the end of each academic year for the evaluations completed in that academic year. Department chairs will certify to the Dean and Provost, as part of the departmental report prepared at the conclusion of the academic year, that reviews have been completed according to the schedule below listing the individuals reviewed and the dates of the reviews on the report.

During performance reviews of tenured and tenure-track faculty, department chairs will evaluate teaching, research, scholarship (including as appropriate work in the arts and architecture), and university service. Evaluations of teaching by students and peers as available will be considered.



Professors (including department chairs) will be reviewed at least every five years and associate professors with tenure (including department chairs) will be reviewed at least every three years. Detailed reviews of tenured associate professors will occur in the ninth year of service for consideration by the promotion and tenure committee of the University Council. These reviews may be at more frequent intervals if requested by the tenured faculty member or if deemed to be in the best interest of the department by the department chair after consultation with the appropriate dean. These reviews will be both in person, and in writing if requested by the tenured faculty member.

Faculty who are serving as department chairs when their evaluation becomes due will be evaluated by their Dean or designee.


Each non-tenured tenure-track faculty member should receive an initial written performance evaluation by his or her department chair during the fourth semester of a first four-year contract. In the event that deficiencies are noted, the chair should provide a written statement to that effect to the faculty member and copies should be entered into the departmental files and forwarded to the Dean and to the Provost.

By the end of the first month of the sixth semester of a first four-year contract term, a second written performance evaluation should be provided by the department chair to each candidate for renewal, and this evaluation will serve as a partial basis for the departmental recommendation, later that semester, about renewal to a second term. The evaluation should be forwarded to the Dean and to the Provost as a part of the departmental dossier relating to renewal.

In schools without a departmental structure the written performance evaluation shall be the responsibility of the Dean of the School, who may delegate that responsibility to the chair of the School Promotion and Tenure Committee (see Policy 201-01, section 6.d) or to the tenured faculty of the research area identified in the candidate's appointment letter.

Such performance reviews are advisory in nature, and are part of the overall review a faculty member receives about his or her performance, including verbal comments and teaching evaluations. Such performance reviews are also not necessarily determinative of future outcomes of promotion, tenure and retention decisions. The deliberation associated with a promotion and tenure case entails searching inquiry of a nature, range and depth that are beyond the scope of interim performance reviews and involve the consideration of many additional materials and sources beyond the interim performance review; thus, as all faculty know, such deliberations may lead to outcomes not anticipated in prior performance reviews.

More frequent reviews may be scheduled at the request of the faculty member or if deemed to be in the best interest of the department by the department chair after consultation with the appropriate dean.

A copy of the most recent written performance evaluation will be forwarded to the dean with the departmental recommendation for term contract extension or non-renewal of all non-tenure track faculty.


Evaluation of all full or part time teaching faculty on annual appointment will accompany any recommendation for reappointment. Student evaluations will be considered sufficient for this purpose.


In academic divisions where departments do not exist, evaluations will be conducted by the appropriate Dean. This memorandum supersedes all previous memoranda listed below on this subject and should be implemented during the 2003-04 academic year.


Policy No. 214
Issued: October 31, 1975

Revised: September 14, 1979
Revised: September 10, 1982
Revised: September 16, 1996
Revised: March 25, 2003