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Rice University Human Resources Policy No. 411-93




Rice University expects that following basic standards of conduct will promote a high quality work environment and ensure responsible behavior. The employee must, at a minimum, perform adequately in the job, follow the rules established by the department or supervisor, follow the policies of the University and the law, act with honesty and integrity, and respect the rights of others in the work environment. Any discipline that is imposed is intended to correct or modify an individual's conduct, to deter such conduct on the part of others, and to protect the rights of Rice University and everyone working at, or associated with, the University.

The supervisor should notify an employee whose job performance is inadequate, explaining the job requirements, the deficiencies, and the expectations for improvement. Also any act that interferes with the rights or proper interests of Rice University, its faculty, staff, or students may subject the employee to disciplinary action. Discipline may take the form of verbal or written warnings, suspension with or without pay, or termination of employment. An employee may also be suspended with or without pay during any investigation of possible misconduct. All disciplinary action is administered with consideration given to the seriousness and frequency of the offense, the employee's past record (including work history and earlier disciplinary record) and the circumstances surrounding the particular case. Because of the individual nature of each situation, Rice University reserves the right to impose discipline appropriate to the circumstances.

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Policy No. 411-93
May 1, 1993