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Rice University Human Resources Policy No. 436-96




Rice University uses a job evaluation system that is used to determine the appropriate pay range for every non-faculty position. Each position has an approved job description that describes skill and experience requirements, defines the essential functions of the job, and lists other duties and responsibilities. Job content is analyzed to achieve internal equity with regard to the rating of positions. External equity and market competitiveness are achieved through consideration of the appropriate labor market conditions and practices to determine pay ranges.

The compensation program is administered by Human Resources (assistant director for compensation). A compensation committee periodically reviews job evaluations for university-wide equity considerations. The wage and salary program is evaluated annually. Surveys of appropriate labor markets are conducted. The program of annual adjustments to pay ranges and salaries is based on conditions at the University, fiscal constraints, market conditions, and the general rate of inflation.

Annual pay adjustments are usually effective July 1, coinciding with the beginning of Rice's fiscal year. Hourly rates of pay or salaries are maintained within the established pay ranges, with the exception that a rate below the minimum may occur if attributable to performance that needs improvement or is unsatisfactory. Adjustments that would otherwise result in a rate above the maximum are awarded as lump sum payments. Through administration of its compensation program, Rice University attempts to:

  • attract and retain outstanding staff with the required background and skills to perform the work and achieve the mission of the University;


  • recognize quality of performance and encourage development of qualifications that enhance the individual's potential;


  • provide a level of compensation consistent with the general levels paid in appropriate job markets for similar skills, responsibilities, educational qualifications, and working conditions; administer the compensation program in accord with applicable legislation;


  • establish equitable compensation across the University for all employees performing similar functions.


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