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University Committee on Athletics 2016-2017

Jill Foote, Chair
Jones Graduate School of Business

Will Cannady
School of Architecture

Leo Costello
Department of Art History

Justin Denney
Department of Sociology

Michael Diehl
Department of BioEngineering

Rob Griffin
Faculty Representative to the NCAA,
Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Michael Kohn
Department of BioSciences
Faculty Senate representative,
COIA representative

Heidi Perkins
Department of Kinesiology

Rick Schell
Jones Graduate School of Business

Robin Sickles
Department of Economics

Fay Yarbrough
Department of History

J. D. Bucky Allshouse
Board of Trustees representative

Michael Brisch
Alumni representative

Linda Thrane
Vice President for Public Affairs

John Witten
Director, R Association

Updated July 26, 2016

Catherine Clack, ex officio
Associate Dean of Undergraduates,
Director, Multicultural Affair

Joe Karlgaard, ex officio
Director of Athletics

David Leebron, ex officio
President of Rice University

Rick Mello, non-voting liaison
Athletics Department

Marie Lynn Miranda, ex officio

Stacy Mosely, ex officio
Athletics Department

John Lawrence, ex officio
Investment Director, Rice Management Company

Dani Gordon
Student Association Representative

Brandi Ransom
Student Association Representative

Jeremy Reiskind
Student Association Representative 

Samantha Paulsen
Graduate Student Association

Note: per the committte charge, "Ex officio members do not vote on committee recommendations."