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 Rice University Athletics Committee (RUAC)


The committee will be composed of 16 voting members, appointed by the president. The chair and eight others who shall be faculty members are appointed as follows:

  • Chair for a 3-year term, at the pleasure of the president
  • Eight faculty members with 4-year staggered terms. Included among the faculty members will be the Faculty Athletics Representative.

The remaining voting members shall include:

  • Vice President for Public Affairs
  • One trustee for an indefinite term nominated from the Board of Trustees
  • One alumni member serving a two-year term nominated from the Alumni Association
  • One R-Association member serving a two-year term nominated from the R-Association
  • Two undergraduate students and one graduate student appointed annually by the president from nominees provided by the Student Association and the Graduate Student Association 

Ex Officio members of the committee include:

  • The president
  • The provost
  • Vice president for student affairs
  • Vice president for investments and treasurer
  • The director of athletics
  • Senior women's administrator
  • A member of the university staff chosen at the discretion of the President's Office
  • A member of the university staff chosen to represent oversight of athletic facilities (currently the Office of Student Activities) chosen at the discretion of the President's Office 

The chair shall select the secretary from the faculty membership of the committee or from the Athletic Department staff. Ex Officio members do not vote on committee recommendations.


The committee will meet monthly during the academic year and at other times subject to call by the chair. A quorum for any meeting shall consist of seven voting members including at least four faculty members in addition to the chair. Minutes will be kept of all meetings.


Acting in an advisory capacity to the president, the Rice University Athletics Committee (hereafter called the RUAC) shall have general cognizance of all extramural athletic programs of the university. In performing this function, the committee activities shall include the following responsibilities:

1. Formulate recommendations for internal and external policy necessary for the proper conduct of all university athletic activities. This includes continuing review of intercollegiate sports to ensure full compliance with laws and regulations of any regional or national governing bodies in which the university holds membership.
2. Specifically the committee will include the following in its duties in regard to all intercollegiate activity:

a. Review the general intercollegiate sport budgets, transmitting its recommendations to the president annually.
b. When practical, make recommendations through its chair concerning the athletic director and all athletic head coaching appointments.
c. Provide recommendations and guidance in the formation of policies regarding the conduct of the athletics program. A partial list of current policies in which committee oversight is required includes:

i. Need-based financial aid
ii. Form and substance of communication with faculty council, in regard to such issues as graduation rates of student-athletes and academic admissions
iii. Responsibility for oversight audit of athletic eligibility
iv. Compliance with NCAA certification in regard to gender equity
v. Exit interviews of student-athletes
vi. Oversight of any policy change by academic departments that may impact the athletic programs
d. Review the recommendations of the athletic director on the award of all varsity letters.
3. Make recommendations concerning the use of athletic facilities by on-campus or off-campus groups in conformity with university policy covering facility usage.

4.  Prepare a brief, written report on the year's activities of the Committee at the end of each academic year and to submit copies of this report to the president of the university, the provost, and the Faculty Senate.

Updated 2016