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Quality Enhancement Plan

Appendix D: QEP Community Partner Meetings:
Houston Community Non-Profit Organizations and Governmental Agencies

Anneliese Davis VP for Board Affairs Planned Parenthood of Houston & Southeast Texas, Inc.
Cleo Glenn-Johnson President Black United Fund of Texas, Inc.
Donna Rochon Research Associate Healthcare of the Homeless - Houston (HHH)
Elena Marks Director of Health Policy City of Houston, Mayor's Office
Kathy Lord Executive Director Trees of Houston
Larry Payne President Houston Habitat For Humanity, Inc.
Matthew Marchinek Manager of Volunteer Programs Hermann Park Conservancy
Robbie K. Blanton Executive Director Women's Resource of Greater Houston
Walter L. Jones Director of Community Based Initiatives Neighborhood Centers, Inc.
Dr. Jean Herzog Executive VP & COO TIRR Systems
Jan Allison Staff Development and Volunteer Services Coordinator Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services
Janette Cosley Executive Director The Ensemble Theatre
Kathryn Bragan Director of Membership Operations Houston Zoo, Inc.
Naomi Scott Executive Director Ronald McDonald House
Roksan Okan Vick Executive Director Houston Parks Board
Stan Mays Curator of Herpetology and Co-Director Houston Zoo, Inc. & Houston Zoo & Rice University Consortium in Conservation Biology
Lex FriedenSr. VP for Grants Administration TIRR Systems
Damon Williams Executive Director Greater Southeast Management District
Peggy Smith Professor and Director Balor Teen Helath Clinic
Brian Greene President and CEO Houston Food Bank
Dr. Rhea Brown Lawson Director of Libraries Houston Public Library
James Ainsworth Director of Volunteer Services Houston Food Bank
Ramona Davis Executive Director Greater Houston Preservation Alliance
Gary Packwood Researcher City of Houston, Dept. of Health & Human Services

Community Partner Meetings

WELCOME & QEP OVERVIEW: Maryana gave the welcome address and everyone introduced themselves. Maryana gave an overview of the QEP which included the purpose, mission, the Center, timeline and the importance of the inclusion of community partners in the process. She also briefly described the three ways Rice undergraduate students have interacted with community constituencies, i.e., volunteerism, internships, and research. Emphasis was made on utilizing students as researchers and the benefits that can be expected from such a relationship which is different than having students serve as interns which may only consist of staffing rather than researching and does not usually serve as academic credit.

Robin gave a briefing on the importance of student engagement in different forms with the Houston community and built on the discussion of bringing Houston into the classroom for not only academic credit but also for personal development. He also described the process of how the Center will coordinate with the three constituencies involved in community-based research, i.e., students, faculty, and community partners. Peer-to-peer marketing of QEP projects will be promoted through site visits and junior and senior mentors who have experience with community-based research.

INTRODUCTIONS: Each Community Partner described the mission and function of their organization and what experience they have had with Rice undergraduate students as well as what research needs they hope to meet by having Rice undergraduates serve as researchers.

  1. Neighborhood Centers, Inc.
    1. Bringing Resources, Education, and Connection to Underserved Neighborhoods. Our philosophy of social service delivery is to combine the best of business practices with the best of social service goals.
    2. No prior experience w/Rice students; need help with building design processes, short-term impact measure studies, asset-based community development research.

  2. Health Policy Office-Brownfields Redevelopment Program, City of Houston
    1. The mission of the Brownfields Redevelopment Program is to facilitate reuse of eligible properties identified as Houston brownfields (i.e., abandoned, idled, or under-used industrial or commercial properties with real or perceived environmental contamination).
    2. Have worked with Rice graduate students and undergraduate interns; want students to get experience and be involved with government to promote this field as a possible career path.

  3. Planned Parenthood of Houston
    1. Our mission is to ensure the right and ability of all individuals to manage their sexual and reproductive health by providing health services, education, and advocacy.
    2. Have worked with Rice undergraduate interns; need assessment studies to determine what services are needed at various clinics in Texas and Louisiana as well as client population studies.

  4. Black United Fund of Texas, Inc.
    1. We operate to improve the quality of life in the Black community. The organization's main thrust is to address the causes of problems facing the community, consequently to attain results, in order to stop re-cycling poverty.
    2. No prior experience w/Rice students; need help with needs-assessment and asset-based community development studies.

  5. Houston Habitat for Humanity, Inc.
    1. We are a nonprofit ecumenical Christian ministry dedicated to eliminating substandard housing in the City of Houston by helping low-income families earn simple decent homes in which to live and raise their children. Habitat homes are sold at no profit, financed with affordable no-interest loans.
    2. Have worked with Rice undergraduate students through CIC, Leadership Rice, and have worked with Stephen Klineberg's class with his research; considering longitudinal research projects.

  6. Hermann Park Conservancy
    1. Our mission is to encourage the development of more attractive, usable green space in Hermann Park, and to promote the restoration of the Park to its original standards of beauty.
    2. Have worked with 1 Rice graduate student intern per year; need help with demographic studies of public use of park space.

  7. Healthcare for the Homeless-Houston
    1. The mission of HHH is to promote health, hope, and dignity for Houston's homeless through accessible and comprehensive care. Medical services are provided in a community-oriented primary care model.
    2. Have worked with Leadership Rice and volunteers. We have an electronic medical record (EMR) system that coordinates care among the various participating healthcare service sites by sharing a single patient record; would like students to research on how to make EMR more functional and perform annual needs assessment studies.

  8. Women's Resource of Greater Houston
    1. Goals are to help women become economically self-sufficient, encourage prevention and early intervention of problems affecting women and children, support programs that help to develop and improve life skills, actively involve women in philanthropic decision-making, and educate women about charitable giving.
    2. The Women's Resource funds research on issues that affect women, girls, and families. Studies have included health issues and workplace issues such as child care, leadership skills, family friendly benefits and the "glass ceiling"; would also like research done to measure the impact of financial literacy classes.

  9. Trees for Houston
    1. We are dedicated to the orderly planting of street trees along Houston's major arterial streets and freeways. We address not only the visual enhancement of Houston, but also the urban forest issues in Houston by working productively with both private and public sector support.
    2. Have worked with Rice students through work-study and internship programs on writing proposals; would like research done on air quality, quality of life, and carbon credit studies.

  10. Greater Southeast Management District
    1. We enhance urban infrastructure and encourage economic/revitalization development in Houston.
    2. Have worked with students in Leadership Rice (rewarding for students but there is a question of accountability).

  11. Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services
    1. Our mission is to promote a healthy and safe community by providing healthcare services to prevent illness and injury and providing health education.
    2. Have worked with graduate students in the Professional Master's Program in Natural Sciences.

  12. Ronald McDonald House
    1. Our mission is to offer a home away from home to the families of children who undergo treatment for cancer and other serious illnesses at a Texas Medical Center institution.
    2. Have worked with volunteers and interns.

  13. Baylor Teen Health Clinic
    1. The Baylor Teen Health Clinic (BTHC) program operates five health care clinics and one school-based clinic. The program provides free and accessible reproductive health services to adolescent and young adults.
    2. Have worked with Leadership Rice and have hired Rice students after they graduate.

  14. Houston Zoo, Inc.
    1. We provide superior education and learning opportunities; promote conservation awareness and action; and provide a fun, unique, and inspirational experience fostering appreciation, knowledge, and care for the natural world.
    2. Have worked with graduate students in the Action Learning Program and with undergraduates on independent studies via the Houston Zoo and Rice University Consortium in Conservation Biology.

  15. TIRR Systems
    1. TIRR serves as a Model System for interdisciplinary rehabilitation services, patient care and medical education, and a center of research.
    2. Do not recall having worked with Rice students but could use help with research projects related to policy, systems, independent living, data analysis, economics, media, qualitative impact studies on American Disability Act, development of infrastructure, outpatient studies, and rehab engineering.

  16. Houston Parks Board
    1. We are committed to creating, improving, and protecting parkland in Houston.
    2. Have not worked with Rice with this organization but have worked with volunteers through Friends of Hermann Park. We could use help with photography, business, fundraising, air quality studies, and GIS studies.

  17. The Ensemble Theatre
    1. The theater is a nonprofit organization that presents a repertoire of critically acclaimed dramas, comedies, and musicals. The theater also has an educational touring program and a summer young performers training program.
    2. Have not worked with Rice students but would love to get students involved in creating their own projects.

  18. Houston Public Library
    1. We offer the Houston community a place for learning, access to innovative technology, creative solutions to information needs, and empowering personal and professional growth.
    2. Not sure if we have had experience with Rice students but could have students design and implement customer satisfaction surveys.

  19. Houston Food Bank
    1. We are a private, nonprofit organization that seeks food donations, distributes to local charitable programs, and is a leader in disaster relief.
    2. Have worked with Rice volunteers but not sure about interns; we could use research related to data analysis, design presentations, and transportation systems.

  20. City of Houston, Department of Health & Human Services
    1. HDHHS services include immunizations, prenatal care, screening for sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis control. Other services include investigating air pollution complaints, enforcing the smoking ordinance, licensing and inspecting food establishments and animal control, disease investigation, issuing birth and death certificates, and operating health centers, multi-service centers, and the Harris County Area Agency on Aging.
    2. Have worked with student volunteers and communicated via email answering student questions as well as perform educational visits to present health topics to students; deliver GIS maps to the Shell Center for student research/inquiry; we have several research opportunities in various health-related areas like epidemiology, demographics of uninsured immigrants, community health centers, health statistics, etc.

  21. Greater Houston Preservation Alliance
    1. We promote the preservation and appreciation of Houston's architectural and cultural historic resources through education, advocacy, and committed action, thereby creating economic value and developing a stronger sense of community.
    2. Have worked with graduate students via the Action Learning Project; we could use research relating to public policy and advocacy, survey of the city's historic resources, develop business plans/structures, and documentation of oral histories of community residents.