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Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Digital Education

Caroline Levander
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Digital EducationCaroline Levander

As Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Digital Education, Caroline Levander oversees Rice’s strategic academic priorities in quality teaching, digital education, arts initiatives, entrepreneurship, and international engagement. She leads the digital learning and scholarship endeavor, which includes overseeing all online curricula as well as K-20 digital initiatives, and is responsible for developing the university’s interdisciplinary arts program as well as its anchor new 30 million dollar facility. Moody Center for the Arts will foster arts-based, disciplinary and inter-disciplinary teaching, research and creative work that could not easily find a home elsewhere on campus.

In addition to these initiatives, Levander runs two university funds, The Faculty Initiatives Fund and the Arts Initiatives Fund. The Faculty Initiatives Fund is a competitive fund for Rice faculty in all disciplines that provides seed money for ambitious new interdisciplinary research projects, collaborations, or pedagogical models. The FIF awards of $50,000-$75,000 support projects that might lead to larger endeavors, external funding opportunities, or unusually innovative collaborations.

The Arts Initiative Fund aims to stimulate experimentation and collaboration in creativity and the arts across the entire campus. The AIF awards competitive grants of between $5,000-$25,000 to Rice faculty in all disciplines, to develop new projects focused on lasting art partnerships, innovative arts making or teaching environments, cross-disciplinary collaborations, or unusually creative works.

Levander is the Carlson Professor in the Humanities, a Professor of English, and is the recipient of numerous grants and fellowships. Her most recent books include Where is American Literature?, and Hotel Life.

Executive Assistant:

Meredith Allison Bonner