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Faculty Advisory Board (FAB)

for the

Program for Writing and Communication (PWC)



Kate Beckingham, Co-chair
Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Carl Caldwell, Co-chair
Department of History

Anthony Brandt
Shepherd School of Music

David Ferris, ex officio
Associate Faculty Director of FWIS
Shepherd School of Music

Alan Fleishacker
School of Architecture

Jane Grande-Allen
Department of Bioengineering

Beth O'Sullivan
Jones Graduate School of Business

Ann Saterbak
Department of Bioengineering

Leslie Schwindt-Bayer
Department of Political Science

Tony Varilly-Alvarado
Department of Mathematics

John Hutchinson (or designee), advisor
Dean of Undergraduates

Seiichi Matsuda (or designee), advisor
Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Jennifer Wilson, ex officio
Director, Center for Written, Oral, and Visual Communication


Revised July 6, 2016