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Charge for the  

Faculty Advisory Committee 

to the Office of Faculty Development 


This group of six faculty — with overlapping terms of three years to provide continuity — serves as an advisory body to the Office of Faculty Development and is responsible for regularly reviewing data gathered by relevant offices within Rice and ensuring on-going assessment of multiple dimensions of faculty status. This group is a University Committee and appointed by the president on Faculty Senate’s recommendation.


Specific activities for this committee include:

*Advise Director on priorities for OFD programs.

*Review regularly data and policies relevant to faculty, including hiring, promotion, retention, climate, satisfaction, and equity.

*Ensure that the Office of Faculty Development is identifying and meeting the needs of the faculty.

*Prepare a brief, written report on the activities of the committee at the end of each academic year and to submit copies of this report to the president of the university, the provost, and the Faculty Senate.


Updated 2016