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Appendix H: Engaging Houston Survey

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Welcome to the "Engaging Houston" Survey.  

Dear Colleague,

I write to invite your participation in Rice's first-ever comprehensive survey of university engagement with Houston and the world, the results of which will be published in print form and on a searchable website. By identifying and quantifying both formal programs and individual commitments, we will seek to demonstrate Rice's already commendable participation in the life of our city, as well as evaluate what new efforts would prove beneficial.

The survey has two components:

1. Individual Community Commitments (All Rice Faculty and Staff) Individuals affiliated with Rice University engage our community not only professionally, but also personally. To better understand this informal network of relationships by Rice community members, we'd like to know about your affiliations and collaborations beyond the hedges. The Office of Student Activities will collect relevant information pertaining to students.Your name will not be publicly released or linked to the information you provide below:

Community Organization/Activity:
State or Country:
Position (e.g., Board of Directors, Chairperson, Member, Volunteer, etc...):

Enter additional entries here.

Note to Rice Faculty:
I encourage all faculty members to also include this information in the Faculty Information System ( http://www.faculty.rice.edu/ ) where we have created a new category for outreach entitled "Houston Engagement."  You may log into the system and click the following buttons: "Service," then "Outreach Activities," then "Add New Outreach Activity." From there, choose "Houston Engagement" from the "Type" selection menu. Next, fill out the form. If you wish to capture more than one activity, simply click "Add New Outreach Activity" button, making sure to specify "Houston Engagement" for each new record.

2. Rice-Sponsored Programs and Activities (Preapproved Record Managers) A subset of Rice faculty and staff have been identified as the leaders of major, university sponsored activities that engage Rice with Houston and the world. If you have not already been contacted to complete a survey record, and feel that you are the leader of a major Rice-sponsored outreach activity, please contact engage@rice.edu . If you are a preapproved record manager, you may access your record on the following page.

I wish to express my personal thanks to all members of the Rice community for their efforts in completing this survey.


David W. Leebron