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Quality Enhancement Plan

Appendix B: Consultations With Peer Institutions

Peer Institution

Contact Type
Rice University Participants
Princeton University Various staff; Office of Community-Based Learning Initiatives Site Visit May 31, 2005 Maryana Iskander
Princeton University Tricia Thorme; Office of Community-Based Learning Initiatives Conference Call July 7, 2005 Steering Committee
University of
Various staff; Center for Community Partnerships Site Visit July 15, 2005 Maryana Iskander
Duke University Drs. Vicki Stocking and Betsy Alden; Office of Research Service-Learning (RSL) Conference Call August 4, 2005 Steering Committee
Georgetown University Dr. Kathleen Weigart; Center for Social Justice Conference Call September 19, 2005 Steering Committee
Stanford University Dr. Leo Ortolano, Jackie Schmidt-Posner, and Dr. John Bravman; Haas Center for Public Service Site Visit October 31, 2005 Robin Forman
University of
Notre Dame
Reverend William Lies, Jim Paladino, and Bill Purcell; Center for Social Concerns Conference Call December 2, 2005 Steering Committee