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Plenary Meetings of the Faculty

Each year the Speaker of the Faculty Senate will convene a minimum of three plenary meetings of the university faculty.  In the fall semester, one shall occur when the Speaker invites the President to make a "State of the University" address.  Additionally, on the day prior to Spring Commencement, the Speaker will convene a regular plenary meeting to receive reports from the President, the Examinations and Standing Committee, and the Registrar and to approve the candidates for graduation.  A similar regular plenary meeting will be convened in January or February to approve the candidates for fall graduation. 

The Speaker, with the approval of the Executive Committee, or the President may call additional regular meetings of the university faculty in plenary session to serve as sounding boards on important, transcendent issues affecting the university.  Any votes taken at such regular meetings would be advisory to the Senate.  In addition, a petition signed by fifty voting members of the faculty shall require the Speaker to convene a special meeting of the university faculty in plenary session to discuss a specific matter. 

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