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Cashier's Office - FAQs

1. How do I create a Departmental Deposit?

Departments receiving cash or check payments must record the deposits using the Web Departmental Deposit form in TouchNet®.  For access to this form, an individual must be trained and have the appropriate Banner security access.  The Cashier's Office provides training for this process and associated form. 

Departments should deposit money within the next business day of receiving funds. 

Please see the contact information below.

Date(s)/ Time(s): Contact Cashier's Office to schedule training, ext. 4946 or


Location of Training:  Allen Center, Room 110

2. How do I pay for Rice classified payments (with a completed invoice)?

The Cashier's Office processes payments from individuals for Rice Classified purchases. Payments from Departments are handled using an Interdepartmental Transfer Form ( Excel ) submitted to the Controller's Department, MS 70.

Payments from individuals must accompany a completed invoice (see example below) from the department selling the item. It must have the tax listed, along with the complete Fund / Org / Account codes.

Payments can be made using cash or check.



3. How do I pay for student loan payments?

Payments can be made by check or cash.

Cash payments on student loans can be processed through the Cashier's Office.

Check payments on student loans should be sent to the Loan Collections Department, MS-70.

Students should determine how much they need to pay before coming to the Cashier's Office to pay with cash as we are unable to look up that information.  If students have a question about how much is due, they should contact the Loan Collections Department at ext. 4072.

4. Continuing Studies ID and Parking?

Students taking ESL classes through Continuing Studies and paying with cash , may pay their tuition, ID fee, and parking permit fee at the Cashier's Office. The student should bring the correct form from the Continuing Studies ESL Office to the Cashier's Office with the cash.

Questions about how much to pay should be directed to the Continuing Studies ESL Office by phone at 713-348-4019 or email at esl@rice.edu .

5. How does the University process return items?

Students are notified by email and/or mail.

Departments will be notified by letter to request the account information the funds were originally credited to in order to charge the funds back to the department. The departments are responsible for collection. If the department collects on the item they will submit another Web Departmental Deposit for it.

6. How do I get training to departments for credit card deposits?

Credit Card Deposits are now processed over the Web! The user must have access to Banner WebApps through the Administrative Systems Office .

Anyone using the online Credit Card Deposit form must complete training through the Cashier's Office. Please contact the Cashier's Office at x4946 or cashier@rice.edu for more information.

7. How do I get training to departments for cash handling?

If additional training is needed after reviewing the Procedure for Handling Cash Receipts , please contact the Cashier's Office for an appointment at cashier@rice.edu or (713) 348-4946.

Individual or group training is available.

8. How do I get petty cash reimbursements?

The Cashier's Office processes Petty Cash Reimbursements using the following form:


 This form must be completed and brought in with the original receipts. If account codes 70310 or 70860 are used, a Business Entertainment Expense Form ( PDF ) must also be completed and submitted with the Petty Cash Voucher.

The person signing to approve the form must have signature authority on the Fund / Org / Accounts listed. The person receiving cash must have their Rice ID and must be a different person from the person(one) authorizing the funds.

Account code 58100 (Internal Sales) is not allowed to be used on this form.

For purchasing guidelines, please refer to the Purchasing Policy .

 9. How do I establish an annual petty cash fund?

Departments may be issued an Annual Petty Cash Fund. An Annual Petty Cash Request Form must be completed each new fiscal year and the fund must be counted at the end of each Fiscal Year by the Cashier's Office as an audit control.


The person authorizing the Petty Cash Fund must be a Department Head and have signature authority on the fund, org, and accounts listed. Additional approval may be needed, depending on the amount of petty cash requested.

The person receiving the funds must present their Rice ID and must be the person assigned to administer the funds.

10. How do I cash a check?

Checks may be cashed in amounts up to $100.00 for current students and benefits-eligible faculty and staff. Checks must be made payable to Rice University.

The individual must present their Rice ID.

11. How do I handle ACH/wire transfers?

Departments expecting and ACH/WIRE transfer should complete the INCOMING DEPT WIRE/ACH ONLINE FORM if the Cashier’s Office will process the payment. If another department will process the payment please email wires_ach@rice.edu that the payment is expected. This notification should include a copy of supporting documents (such as the invoice) and the FOAPAL code where the payment should be credited.


12. What if I am expecting a check payment?

If you are expecting a check payment and do not know whether we have received the check - please check our unidentified check site -- click here.  If you identify a payment please follow the instructions on the site to have the funds moved to the proper account.

Note: you will need to login to Google to have access -- go to apply.rice.edu  - click on Change your account passwords select the password name ending in google apps and complete the process.