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Rice University Policy No. 328-90




Experiences with some external funding sources, particularly private, have emphasized the importance of a coordinated approach. Except in a few cases, it is Rice policy that all applications for funds be signed by the President or a specifically designated official. This policy serves to assure a potential funding agency that any request it receives has the full support of the University, and it increases the chances of success for foundation/corporate support by avoiding multiple applications to the same funding agency when inappropriate.

All requests for funding should be processed through either the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) or the development office. Requests for funding that may affect the academic programs of the University should also be coordinated through the provost. The required project funding request forms may be obtained from either the development office or OSR.

The office to be responsible for processing a proposal and for the post-award administration of a grant or contract is determined by the purpose of the request/award. Following is a partial list of the types of proposals handled by the two offices:

1. Office of Sponsored Research

Research Projects
Graduate fellowships and traineeships
Postdoctoral fellowships
Equipment for designated research

2. Development Office

Operating funds
Endowment funds
Undergraduate scholarships and student aid
Endowed chairs
General support funds for departments, schools, etc.
Capital and plant equipment.

Proposals that include the procurement, use, modification, or construction of facilities, utilities, and plant equipment must be routed through the Vice President for Finance and Administration before going to the responsible office for processing.

Where potential conflicts or ambiguities arise, the development office and OSR will coordinate activities closely in order to avoid multiple/competing solicitations from the same private sources.

In some rate cases (for example, NEH Fellowships for University/College Teachers and Independent Scholars), endorsement by an official University representative may not be required by the funding agency. Nevertheless, in all cases a complete copy of proposal/grant/contract/fellowship must be forwarded to the proper University office for filing.


Awards and gifts, including incremental payments, for individual members of the faculty or for specific departments for the support of research related activities (including graduate student support, equipment, supplies, travel, salaries, etc.) shall normally be channeled through the Office of Sponsored Research for official acknowledgment and acceptance by the University. The Director of the OSR will forward all accepted funds to the controller for deposit in appropriate operating accounts that will be available to authorized users.

Where such research-related support comes from private funding as the result of activities carried out by the development office, official University acknowledgment and acceptance shall be handled by that office in the same manner as other gifts and grants for which it is responsible.

Policy No. 328-90
January 9, 1990

Combination of Previous Policies:
318-85: September 19, 1972; Revised 4/2/85
319-75: February 22, 1973; Revised 3/25/75