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Rice University General Policy No. 828-98



The campus mail service functions support the activities of the university by providing mail distribution, collection, and processing for incoming, out-going, and interdepartmental mail. This service will include the handling of all shipments received from the United States Postal Service (USPS) as well as designated private couriers.

The mail service will provide delivery to and collection from every department at least twice daily. A USPS contract station will be operated to address the postal needs of the campus community.

The mail service management will be responsible for mail security during the distribution process, will provide specialized training on campus for mail preparation based on USPS requirements, and will serve as a resource regarding all mailing needs.

The campus interoffice mail services shall not be used for distribution of non-postage bearing materials unless they are considered part of the routine functions of the university. Examples of unacceptable materials include solicitations to support non-university organizations such as religious groups, political groups or candidates, or advertising for activities or products not considered of importance to university business.

Policy No. 828-79

November 20, 1979

Revised: November 3, 1998